Zapper turns smartphones into card machines

Zapper has announced that its merchants will now be able to accept payments over the phone.

“After a successful pilot phase, we have rolled out a new feature available to all Zapper merchants that allows them to accept physical card payments as well as mobile wallet payments,” said Zapper CEO Brett White.

This includes Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Garmin Pay.

“The consumer simply taps the physical card or mobile device on the merchant’s compatible Android smartphone.”

Zapper said this new feature allows merchants to access virtually any digital payment without the need for point-of-sale hardware.

Customers no longer need to download the Zapper app for merchants to accept payments through the Zapper platform.

The company’s wiretapping product will compete with similar services from traditional banks such as Nedbank and Absa.

The upgrade also supports PIN-on-Glass functionality, meaning shoppers over their verification limit can enter their PIN on the merchant’s Android smartphone.

“Previously, our merchant app was primarily a tool for our merchants to get their payment confirmation feeds via push notification,” White explained.

The app also allows merchants to generate QR codes and payment links.

“Now the app also turns the merchant’s phone into a point-of-sale device without the need for additional peripheral hardware.”

To start accepting payments over the phone, sellers can install the Zapper merchant app on an NFC-enabled Android 9.0 (or newer) device.

Zapper has ensured that the security of its tap-on-phone offering meets the stringent requirements of physical point-of-sale devices.

Consumers will also benefit from not having to hand over their cards to the merchant, making it a safe and contactless payment experience.

MyBroadband asked Zapper what security measures it uses to ensure card information is transmitted securely.

“The software responsible for capturing, submitting and processing payments has been lab tested and approved by MasterCard and Visa,” the company said.

We also asked what steps Zapper took to ensure that a rogue merchant doesn’t log users’ credit card PINs.

“Aspects of native device capability, such as screen recording and screenshots, have been disabled, preventing the operating system and third-party apps from recording everything that happens on screen while the pay-per-click feature is running,” Zapper said.

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