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US invests $ 100 million in clean technology development project led by Bill Gates | News

American Airlines has become the latest U.S. airline to commit to carbon reduction measures, claiming to have invested $ 100 million in a funding program led by Bill Gates to support cleaner aviation technologies.

The program, called Breakthrough Energy Catalyst, is part of Breakthrough Energy, a larger organization that supports “innovations that will lead the world to net zero emissions,” the Breakthrough website says.

American says its $ 100 million investment in Catalyst makes it an “anchor partner” of the program and demonstrates its commitment to reducing carbon production.

With the help of a range of partners, Project Catalyst aims to “deploy $ 3 billion over four years” and “create an estimated multiple of five to ten times over Catalyst investments,” according to Catalyst documents.

“Catalyst and its partners will work together to finance, produce and purchase the new solutions that will support a zero carbon economy,” said American.

Breakthrough’s Catalyst program will “invest in” four types of technology projects with the potential to reduce carbon production.

These include the use of hydrogen (presumably as a fuel or to create electricity), biofuel for aviation, direct air capture (a process of removing carbon from the air, then potentially using it to make fuel) and “long-term energy storage” (presumably better batteries).

The global airline industry faces increasing pressure to reduce carbon production and is committed to achieving ‘net zero’ carbon production by 2050. Net zero is generally considered to be reached when gas greenhouse gases emitted are offset by an equal amount of gases absorbed by the atmosphere.

Other US airlines, including United Airlines, have pledged to increase their use of biofuels and invest in direct air capture.