Today in History: All Parked Machinery Must Be Illuminated, Rule | News

May 26, 1922

Chief Ernest Harris today announced a strict ban on leaving machines parked on sidewalks anywhere in the city without lights. A front light and a rear light must be on by all machines on the streets, except for the central Mitchell Street parking area. Vehicles parked on the Mitchell sidewalk must be lighted, however, and anything not left will result in driver arrest, police said. A motorist severely damaged his car this week when he hit an extinguished lorry in Haring Street, which was standing under trees.

May 26, 1972

Globe Construction Co. of Kalamazoo was working at Cadillac today, installing base layers on Chapin Streets South and West. City Manager Donald Mason said the courses, including gravel and asphalt, were on South Street from the crossing to Mitchell Street and on West Chapin Street between the crossing and Lake Street . On Tuesday, Globe crews will begin their summer street resurfacing program with work in the central part of town, working north, Mason said. Earlier this week the company completed work on 13th Street and McBain Road for the County Wexford Roads Commission, it was reported. North Boulevard will be open to traffic this holiday weekend, Mason said, but he advised motorists to exercise caution in their journeys along the lakeside road as it will be necessary to exit barrels to direct traffic away from hardening cement and ditches, part of the project to prepare the boulevard for resurfacing. The project is part of a half-million-dollar program to resurface most of the city’s cobblestone streets, authorized by voters.

May 26, 1997

When Paul McMullen stepped onto the track at the Cadillac Evening News All Star Invitational Track Meet in 1989, he wasn’t looking at the record books. McMullen is one of the returning record holders for the 25th anniversary All Star Meet, which will take place at 4 p.m. on Memorial Day. On Sunday, McMullen will race the Prefontaine Classic 1,500 meters in Oregon. McMullen was aiming for the football, not the track, when he set the sprint record of 880 yards. He wasn’t thinking of Herb Lindsay, he was thinking of Chuck Smith from Lake City. McMullen’s competitive fire was burning. “In the 800m, it was the first time I beat this kid,” McMullen said. “It was my first time in less than 2 minutes.” McMullen actually finished with a time of 1:59.43 in the 880-yard event. His record time of 1:58.43 is taken from the conversion time from yards to meters. It eclipsed the 2:00.1 record set by Lindsay of Reed City in 1972. “I wasn’t going for the record, I was trying to beat Chuck Smith,” McMullen said. “We rounded the last corner and I overtook it and extended my lead. Chuck Smith was a big name at the time and it was great to go one-on-one with him. The record was a byproduct of the rivalry. McMullen turned his attention away from football after realizing he wouldn’t get a football scholarship, but that was after his freshman year in high school. Breaking Lindsay’s record helped him, or at least his father, Doug, realize he might have a shot at a career on the track. “The record first cracked my dad up,” McMullen said. “Lindsay has become a fantastic athlete at MSU. When you look at those records and what they accomplished in college, you start thinking, ‘maybe this will happen.’