These 5 Cardio Machines Can Accelerate Your Weight Loss Journey

Everyone wants to have an effective workout that will allow them to reach their goal before their time. Weight loss seekers spend a lot of time doing cardiovascular exercises, as they are said to be helpful in burning extra fat at a faster rate.

Although there are many cardio exercises that can be done without using a machine, cardio machines help a lot in burning excess fat quickly. There are many machines present in the gym but not all provide the same results. To help you choose the best cardio machine for yourself, we’ve put together a list of machines that will speed up your workout and give you better results.

Conveyor belt

Treadmills are usually found in all gyms. It is a basic piece of equipment for a workout in the gym. A treadmill makes you run at different speeds and burns calories instantly. A traditional treadmill can be used to increase cardio intensity by changing a few minor settings such as increased incline, fast speed, and reverse.

indoor cycling

Indoor bikes are the second most found machine in gyms. It gives you better control over your body and difficulty levels. If someone tries the alternative method of pedaling, they can burn more calories than regular cycling techniques. In alternative cycling, you must first accelerate the pedaling and then slow down the speed. This triggers an oxygen post-consumption due to which our body burns calories even after exiting the cycle.


Ellipticals are said to be effective for a full body workout. Instead of focusing on just one area, they burn calories from different parts of the body without straining them. One can change the speed, reverse the direction and keep the bars non-stationary to optimize the weight loss process.


A rower needs technique, good posture and strength to burn calories. If done incorrectly, it can lead to serious injury. You have to pull the bar with the greatest force keeping the movement intact.

Stairs Climber

The machine is not only used in cardio exercises but is also known to be a strength training tool. It increases metabolism and body activity. It is used for high intensity training giving you the best results in time.

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