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The Facts on Petroleum Technology Development Fund Nigeria with South East Academics

Good people, we need to stop peddling fake news just to score cheap political points in Nigeria. I have received over 20 messages and tweets stating that students from the South East have been excluded from the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) selection process due to the Fund’s decision not to travel to Enugu . Honestly, I was stunned to read these posts.

To check things out, I called a director of the Fund to explain to him what was going on. According to him, they couldn’t visit Enugu due to security issues (not a highlight I mentioned to him). Yet, the Fund has offered all candidates in the South East to interview virtually or choose from one of the hubs in Port-Harcourt, Abuja, Bauchi, Kaduna and Ibadan for the selection process.

And he sent me this link which has a lot of south east guys – . I have people I call whenever I want things in Nigeria; this man can’t give me fake news.

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People, please share this note with those who peddle this fake news. Southeast researchers are still in the process. It is not to defend Nigeria. But rather, to defend facts and objectivity. To the national scholars, I wish you all good luck.

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