Tamil Nadu to soon install cloth bag vending machines in public places

IAS officer Supriya Sahu took to Twitter to showcase the prototype cloth bag vending machine being developed in Tamil Nadu. The machine dispenses a cloth bag upon insertion of a Rs 10 coin. This initiative was launched to make eco-bags more accessible to the public. The machine, when ready, will be installed in markets, bus stops, etc. to slowly eliminate plastic bags. It is called a ‘Manjapai vending machine’ as it dispenses a yellow cloth bag (Manjapai) which is usually used in various ceremonies in Tamil Nadu.

“The Manjapai vending machine is finally here. It is a challenge to make cloth bags available in public places at an affordable cost. We are working on installing these machines in markets and bus stops etc. The prototype is ready and details will be available soon.”

Netizens had ideas on how to improve the machine.

“Instead of asking the user to insert a coin, insert a QR code on the machine and let users pay through UPI.”

“Great efforts madam. enjoy this. With madam, please install vending machines in all public places to collect plastic bags and plastic bottles madam. If they put a plastic bottle, they can get a bit of peace. This was done in Europe.

“can we remove the plastic tag that holds the folded bag inside the machine? Also, let’s put green slogans: reduce/refuse/reuse/recycle in Tamil/other languages ​​too! Finally, let the white background be replaced with say black/green/orange or turquoise. Make it flashy!”

“Thoughtful initiatives…you can involve the TN textile industry to provide raw material from their fabric bag making waste (just a thought).”

Recently, a team of scientists demonstrated for the first time that plastic particles from our daily lives such as water bottles, grocery bags, toys and disposable cutlery, among others, can end up in our blood flow to detectable levels. The research, published in the scientific journal Environment International, shows that tiny bits of plastic from our living environment are being absorbed into the human bloodstream.

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