Synthwave Electronic Duo Beautiful Machines Release “Baum Baum”

The genesis of electronic duo BEAUTIFUL MACHINES’ new single “Baum Baum”, out today, began in Berlin one winter during a three-month writing hiatus, during which the duo’s Stefanie Ku and Conrad Schuman visited the famous Hansa studios (Bowie, U2, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Depeche Mode).

The idea for the song came about when Conrad learned the heartbreaking and ever-present news that there were thousands of unexploded “bombs” that still constituted a potentially catastrophic tragedy in the city, remnants of World War II.

Over time with an inevitable return to nature and peace, the city has been transformed; for example, imagine a “tree” crossing the ground of a concrete jungle from a bombed city, life begins again. As “Baum” translates to “tree” in German, the title of the song itself serves as a pun, while at the same time, the techno boom boom bass that echoes through the walls of the club served as an inspiration. sound onomatopoeia to this piece and in a way offering a kind of code to decipher.

“During World War II, the German military transmitted coded messages with a device called the Enigma machine, which was said to have an impossible code to crack. At the same time, the story of Babel explains the origins of the multiplicity of languages”, explains the group. .

“People today live in these thought bubbles, finding digital tribes that support and reinforce everything we think and believe, creating silos of information. So the dialogue, in some sense, between people having different opinions becomes scarce, which can ultimately lead to communication breakdown, misinformation and programmed behavior – possibly even war if we are not careful.”

‘Baum Baum’ follows their previous single ‘Control’ (a breathtaking journey through the past into the future, which Clash calls a ‘mini sci-fi epic…’, BBC6’s Chris Hawkins also gave the track a first turn on the way out) and “Survive” (which was written after a harrowing experience of barely escaping a mega government lockdown on literally the last flight out of Nepal that could have trapped them for weeks or even years).

An act of synthesis that mixes technology with art, digital with human, Singularity is not only an album, but it is also an experience – a continuously updated project that encompasses music, visuals and performance. On some level, it’s bubbly synth pop that goes with everyone from Giorgio Moroder to The Human League, Nine Inch Nails to Robyn. On the other hand, it’s a total artistic experience, inspired by the interstellar wanderings through the cosmic realms of Kraftwerk and Isaac Asimov.

Listen to the new single here: