Technology systems

SGA funds raffle to support inclusion of pronouns in university technology systems

At its weekly meeting on Tuesday, October 12, the Student Government Association (SGA) passed the Women and Gender Minorities Caucus (WGMC) funding bill, confirmed new members, and discussed the upcoming event. administrative networking (administrator).

WGMG Funding Bill

Senior Senator Niki Trivedi introduced the WGMC funding bill. The bill will fund a raffle for students who include personal pronouns on the university’s technology systems, including searches on the myJHU portal, class lists on the student information system and Blackboard.

  • Each student who adds their pronouns to the university system will be entered into a draw.
  • The proposed raffle will award 10 prizes worth $ 10.00 in J-Cash.
  • The event will take place alongside the SGA Showcase Event on October 28.
  • The bill was passed unanimously.

Directors’ networking event

Executive Chairman Mehak Ali described the directors’ networking event as very useful for “talking about issues. [with administration] for small projects on anything, eg catering and transport ‘topics with a wide selection of admin figures.

  • Executive Vice President Breanna Soldatelli said this event is “a good way around the difficulty of convening many [administrators] together.”
  • Discussion has been postponed for the next WBG when new first year Senators can contribute.


SGA unanimously confirmed the membership in various positions.

  • Executive Treasurer Karen He presented two Commissioners of Student Activities for confirmation: sophomore Ameya Dehade and freshman Mary May. Their selection process was conducted by CampusGroups as well as an interview process. Their confirmations passed unanimously.
  • Soldatelli assigned new Senior Class Senator Pritika Parmar to the Civic Engagement Committee due to her past interests and to the Finance Committee, which needed new members. Its confirmations in committee were adopted unanimously.
  • Ali nominated Junior Class Senator Obi Onyinanya for the Black Caucus chair, which was confirmed by a unanimous vote of SGA members.
  • Junior Class Senator JiWon Woo introduced the new sophomore bench member Noam Rotenberg. It was unanimously confirmed.

Correction: The previous version of this article incorrectly referred to Onyinanya as second-year Senator Vanessa Obi. The News-Letter regret this error.