Seeing Machines to install pilot monitoring in Australian air ambulances

Driver Monitoring Technology Company machines to see announced on Thursday that it will provide an eye tracking solution to Air Ambulance Victoria to reduce the risk of pilot fatigue across its operations.

Listed company AIM said Pel-Air provides fixed-wing air ambulance services to Air Ambulance Victoria, providing medical evacuation flights and medical transfers across the Australian state.

Air Ambulance Victoria is reportedly installing Seeing Machines’ pilot fatigue monitoring system in at least four new planes, to detect pilot fatigue in real time.

He said the system would also activate an alert system to reduce the risks associated with fatigue in safety-critical single-pilot operations, and would be installed in the aircraft in conjunction with Pel-Air’s engineering authority. .

The contract, for an initial term of 10 years with an option to extend for a further two years, had an initial value of around AUD1million (£0.54million), including a “significant” one-time upfront payment.

This would see the company install the world’s first operational pilot fatigue monitoring system, with potential for expansion beyond the initial four aircraft in Victoria.

The first installation would be operational by the end of 2022, with the remaining three devices scheduled for 2023.

In the event that additional aircraft are added to the contract, additional revenue would then be payable to Seeing Machines.

“Having our technology permanently installed in the cockpit for the first time is not only groundbreaking and will likely open up many more opportunities, but so relevant given the critical environment in which Air Ambulance Victoria operates,” said the CEO of the aviation from Seeing Machines. , Patrick Nolan.

“The Pilot Fatigue Monitoring System will significantly improve the safety of these highly sophisticated single-pilot aircraft, often flying in unpredictable conditions given the remoteness of where they need to operate.

“This contract fits perfectly with Seeing Machines’ raison d’être, to bring people home safely, and is very well suited to the mission of this safety-focused customer.”

At 13:19 GMT, Seeing Machines shares were down 8.92% to 7.2p.