Price Match Programs: How Much Can You Save on Fridges, Washing Machines and TVs?

Who? the analysis found that price matching schemes – offered by some of our top-rated retailers – could help you save up to £300 on major purchases.

A number of well-known technology and appliance retailers offer price-matching programs, allowing you to claim money back or pay less at checkout if you find the product you want cheaper elsewhere.

Many of these retailers are highly rated by shoppers for their customer service, after-sales service, and product availability. So using these retailers’ price-matching systems means you may be able to pay less without sacrificing the five-star service you’ve come to expect when buying big-ticket items like fridges, washing machines and televisions.

Here we look at how these plans work in practice and how much you could save.

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Which retailers offer price match programs?

We looked at six of the biggest retailers that sell tech products and devices and also offer price-matching programs, including:

  • AO
  • Boots
  • curries
  • Euronics
  • Hughes
  • Richer sounds

John Lewis recently announced that he would be ending its “never knowingly undersold” price-matching program this summer – but the retailers listed above all have similar programs that allow you to redeem if you find cheaper prices elsewhere.

A number of these stores have performed very well in our best and worst stores surveys – which takes into account criteria such as product availability, staff availability and after-sales service.

Euronics and AO, for example, occupy the second and third places of the best home appliance stores.

Richer Sounds is our top-rated tech store, with a customer score of 92%, while AO scored an equally impressive 77%.

So, using these price matching systems could save you money while ensuring you always receive good customer service during your purchase and afterwards.

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How do price matching systems work?

Each retailer has slightly different rules on how to match prices.

Some retailers, for example, require you to match prices at the time of purchase, while others allow you to claim a refund for a specific period after placing your order. Their terms and conditions may also specify certain product or store exclusions.

All retailers told us that the products had to be completely identical, so keep that in mind when looking for a cheaper price.

Richer Sounds’ policy goes a step further than others, promising to ‘beat the price’ on any cheaper price you might find up to £100. Looking at products between £300 and £1000, for example, Richer Sounds will not only match a competitor’s price, but beat it by £10.

Most retailers told us they also allow you to compare prices with sale prices and discounts. Euronics said its policy “may include discount codes advertised by competitors.”

The table below shows the differences between the terms of the six largest technology and appliance retailers.

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How much money could you save?

With the cost of living rising, making sure you’re getting the best price possible when buying big-ticket items could make a huge difference to your finances.

We looked at eight technologies and appliances and compared their prices online to some retailers offering price-matching programs.

The chart below shows some of the savings we’ve made with a range of products including TVs, washing machines, microwaves, fridges, blenders and Bluetooth speakers.

*The prices recorded in the table were as advertised at the time of research and may have changed since then.

If you’ve recently purchased an item from one of the retailers that allow you to retrospectively price match, it’s worth doing some research online to see if you could recoup some money.

Issues that may affect price matching

A few of the price match claims we inquired about were not valid with the retailers in question. Below are some tips on what to look for based on our rejected claims.

  • Delivery – when looking at delivery costs, consider how long delivery will take. Currys did not accept one of our complaints because their own delivery offer did not match that of the cheapest retailer. Currys offered free next day delivery, while the retailer with the cheapest price charged £9.99 for next day delivery, invalidating our claim.
  • Price changes – screenshot of the list of cheapest prices you find online immediately – we’ve seen prices for tech and home appliances change very quickly (sometimes within hours) online, with retailers monitoring their competitors closely.
  • What’s included – for technology products, also check that the charging cables are identical – a retailer refused our complaint because the headphones had different charging devices.
  • Refurbished models – most retailers won’t match prices on refurbished products, so weigh the savings you’d make by going this route.

How to Make a Successful Price Match Request

We’ve gone into more detail below on how to match prices with each of the retailers.


AO told us that you should call their customer service team or use their live chat service at the point of purchase. If you wish to match prices after purchase, you can log in to My Account and use the online price match form. You will need details of the product code, the retailer you wish to partner with and the link to the retailer’s product page.


We’ve asked Boots for more information on how to submit a complaint and will update this page when we know more.


Currys customers must complete its form online or visit a store. You will need to provide your name, address, product name and a link to the online competitor’s product.


Euronics customers must provide proof of price to match, e.g. screenshots, ad photos, etc. The program can only be used in-store.


Hughes told us that his customers can visit the store to match prices, as well as call by phone, use his live chat service or fill out an online form.

Richer sounds

Richer Sounds customers wishing to make a claim after purchase should complete the Price Beat claim form which will be processed within three business days. If you want to beat prices at the point of sale, you can call your local store or telesales team.

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