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Pasadena-based Taketake founder and CEO Leeanna Gantt pictured undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer in 2018. (Photo courtesy)

A prescription reminder tag system invented by a Pasadena woman is expected to hit shelves at Walmart stores across the country this fall, according to the company’s founder and CEO.

Leeanna Gantt and her company were among 167 out of 900 companies selected to participate in Walmart’s “open call” for small business products made in the United States, according to Walmart and Gantt. Seventeen of those selected are from California.

“We’re going to be in stores in October 2021,” Gantt said.

taketake is a label kit designed to allow patients to easily track their medications.

“You don’t have to program anything. It’s basically a little label that you peel off the backing and stick on whatever you need to remember to take,” Gantt said. “Then when you take your dose for the day there are little tabs on the side and you just have to pull the tab off when you take your dose. So later on if you’re walking through your kitchen or are sitting on your table and you’re like, “Oh, I can’t remember if I took this today. You know, because you pulled the little tab out.”

It grew out of Gantt’s own experiences during breast cancer treatment in 2018, she said.

“I had everything: chemo, radiosurgery. And all the treatments came with a ton of side effects. And those came with dozens of drugs,” Gantt said.

“I found out they all had different schedules,” she explained. “So I started making these little labels so we could keep track and I didn’t stress my husband and daughter out when we didn’t know when I had taken something. And at the end of the year I had really fine-tuned the system and thought it was pretty cool and useful.

Gantt said she thinks if she finds the system useful, others might too.

“So I decided to go for it and started taking it,” she said.

Gantt said she has since been declared cancer-free.

She hoped that the new exposure offered by Walmart would be a boon to her new business.

“They really want to support small businesses like us that are growing, so they’re willing to grow with us. We’re not going to be in every Walmart, but we’re going to be in a lot of them. And then, as as we grow, they will grow as our capabilities increase. They will expand our footprint within Walmart,” Gantt said.

“It will be great because it will help us help more people, which is ultimately our goal,” she said. “And it really makes me feel good that other people see the thing that I came up with when I was sick and want to help make it a real business and want to help put it in front of other people.”

The new partnership is part of Walmart’s efforts to support American businesses, Laura Phillips, Walmart’s senior vice president of customer and business development and U.S. manufacturing for global sourcing, said in a statement. written statement.

“Open Call supports Walmart’s overall commitment to American manufacturing and small business,” she said. “In March, we announced an additional $350 billion in spending on items manufactured, grown or assembled in the United States over the next 10 years.”

More information about taketake is available online at

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