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New Owner of Shenandoah Technology Systems Wants to Continue Meeting Needs | Nvdaily

WOODSTOCK – There are many facets to the service industry, but it all comes down to solving problems and meeting needs.

That’s the philosophy of Eric MacLeod, the new owner of Shenandoah Technology Systems in Woodstock.

MacLeod said he had reached a point where he wasn’t sure what he was going to do for a career, but then received advice that gave him clearer direction and ultimately led him to take over Shenandoah Technology Systems from its parents.

“Being someone that others can count on, being good at it and doing what you say you’re going to do and billing them honestly and reliably, that’s how the company works. Take pride in doing the little things right and maybe down the road you can become a business owner, ”said MacLeod, 34. “So others can count on you. This is what the community is made of. Deciding to get married, have a child and work hard in the business changed my life.

The information technology company located at 1130 Hisey Ave. has provided computer repair, networking and commercial IT services to the Shenandoah Valley for over 20 years.

MacLeod, who has run the business for about two years, officially took over the business in December after exploring the business from the bottom up.

He said when the business was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it gave his staff time to look ahead and start working on the restructuring and implementation of better strategies.

“We have just implemented these essential elements and implemented some of these restructuring elements,” he said. “We are really excited. There are a ton of opportunities. This area is already experiencing decent growth. It will change the region.

Tackling a diverse set of issues, MacLeod said it’s important to have a staff with different areas of expertise.

“I surround myself with a very good team of people who are dedicated to figuring things out,” he said. “Everyone has their niche. It’s about building a team of individuals to help us achieve our goals.

But it always revolves around service and meeting needs.

“Service is what we do. We like to solve problems and try to work with our customers to avoid them, ”said MacLeod. “Each of us jumps at the chance to help people on a daily basis. “

MacLeod said his company worked with anyone from a senior who’s been scammed to small businesses and municipalities handling day-to-day operations, which could include small business IT – “a lot preventive maintenance and monitoring, ”he said.

Many companies are turning to more online services or setting up networks to allow employees to work more remotely, which Shenandoah Technology Systems can help.

“It really gave me a whole new perspective going from the technical side to the ownership, talking to people on a different level,” he said. “There are a lot of amazing people out there. “