Technology systems

Neenah schools remain closed on Wednesday due to technology systems breach

NEENAH – The Neenah Joint School District will keep its schools closed on Wednesday due to ongoing restoration of technology systems after a security breach Monday, the district announced on Tuesday evening.

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In a statement, the school district said the decision to cancel classes was based on “three factors that the district said must be in place to return to school safely and properly: a functioning phone system, a functional wireless system and staff access to their digital files. “

The statement said the school district “is confident” these three factors will be restored on Wednesday so that school can resume Thursday. According to the school district, the tech staff worked “around the clock” to resolve the issues.

“Restoring our services is a deliberate process and we will not sacrifice our safety and security for speed,” District Superintendent Mary Pfeiffer said in the statement. “Our digital forensic investigation with national and local law enforcement continues and we are happy to report that there is still no evidence that any personal information has been compromised.”

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