Naga’s journey needs ‘realism and reinvention’: Dr SC Jamir | MorungExpress

Dimapur, February 17 (MExN): The time has come for the Nagas to wake up from the ‘unfortunate state of self-imposed inertia’, said Dr. SC Jamir, saying: ‘We can no longer afford to remain stuck where and how we are now. “.

In a long treatise titled “Whither-Ward is NAGALAND Moving?” Encompassing the Naga’s journey over the years, the former chief minister and governor claimed it was “time for brutal honesty”.

Commenting on the Naga political talks, Jamir argued that since the signing of the first ceasefire with the Government of India (GoI) in 1997, the international geopolitical content and dynamics have undergone vast changes and India is a ” much stronger and more powerful global player”. now.

There is “absolutely no chance or possibility” of any sensible foreign country “openly rising up in an internationally accredited Forum for the Naga cause from over seven decades ago”, he stressed, dismissing any notion such as “wishful thinking and fantasy”.

To this end, the former Chief Minister asserted that a final political settlement between the leaders of the Naga Political Groups (NPGs) and the GoI would be honorable and give a better and brighter future to the Nagas.

“In order to facilitate this, since the ultimate goal and objective are one and the same, our underground brethren should, for the sake of the common Naga cause, put aside their personal differences and unite to arrive at one voice. and only one support for the final “Accord”, he added.

“Also with dignity, the fact must be humbly accepted that within the meaning and framework of honourability, the Nagas can only take, possess and cherish through the agreed political process, India, the central government of Delhi and the Indian Parliament gives to the Nagas,” he added.

Jamir also maintained that neither “sovereignty nor the integration of Naga are on the body” of the August 3, 2015 Framework Agreement and the November 17, 2017 Agreed Position, adding “it is understood that matters do not are not on the negotiating table”.

“It would mean that Nagaland continues to remain a separate and distinct administrative and political entity,” he said.

He therefore postulated that it would be more expedient that during the current tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the final Naga agreement would be signed and a new Naga journey would be launched in 2022, coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the advent of Christianity on Sol Naga.

He also pointed out that the members of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly promised “an extraordinary formula to help solve the vex Naga political problem at the earliest” and called for the formation of a “no party or opposition government” to a solemn Naga political solution. commitments. Besides, they also made an official statement to vacate their seats to pave the way for the new political dispensation, he claimed.

‘state of affairs
Commenting on the current situation, Jamir noted that Nagaland is today mired in a deadly “political quagmire” ruled by most “governments and authorities, constitutional and extra-constitutional”, turning the state into a “pile of bones dry”.

The future of the state and its children hijacked by a ruthless monster called corruption, Jamir noted, advocating tackling it head-on and tackling the root causes instead of just indulging in bombastic rhetoric.

Meanwhile, Laureate Padma Bushan argued that the Naga political movement continued against what seemed like impossible odds in the early years, sustained the active support of ordinary Naga villagers.

Over the years, however, the Nagas have found the “political ‘Manifestos’ steeped in foreign communist ideology under the guise of ‘Nagaland for Christ'” totally incompatible with their customary and democratic ways of life, he said. supported.

Launched as a peaceful movement of non-cooperation, it tragically devolved into “violent armed conflict”, resulting in “unleashing of unprecedented brutality and indescribable suffering for the innocent public”, he added.

In this context, Jamir affirmed that the Naga People’s Convention (NPC) was organized and operationalized and the memorandum was drafted with active dialogue between delegates and representatives of all Naga tribes.

Statehood did not come out of nowhere, but it was through the collective wisdom of representatives of the 16 ancient Naga hill tribes of Assam and the Tuensang border division of NEFA, who adopted at the unanimity the 16-point memorandum which eventually became an “Agreement” with the GoI known as the 16-point agreement, he claimed.

Striking those who decried its merits, he claimed that the “agreement” leading to the creation of the present state of Nagaland was “not a matter of conjecture, but of mathematical precision” but a “monumental achievement” opening up the way to the people of Nagaland. play a central role in nation building.

He succeeded in providing a special guarantee for distinct Naga identity in the Constitution of India under Section 371(A), a unique feature available only to the state of Nagaland, he pointed out. .

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