Meet the machines of Horizon Forbidden West

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Despite his success in Horizon Zero Dawn, the bulk of Aloy’s spooky enemies in Horizon forbidden to the west are machines. Many are dinosaur-themed, and there’s a decent plot reason for that unveiled in the first game that I’ll refrain from mentioning here. Some newcomers to the series, like a massive metal snake, break all the rules in their relentless pursuit of prey.

Of course, all of these evil robots have real names in the universe. Who are all superior to the “cobra”. In a brand new post on the PlayStation blog, Guerrilla Games narrative director Ben McCaw provided steel details about the monster machines plaguing the lands of Horizon Forbidden West.

On February 18, Aloy will venture into the dangerous Frontier of the Forbidden West, facing off against a wide variety of deadly new machines. You’ve seen quite a few of these Steel Beasts revealed last week at the Game Awards, but today Guerrilla offers a closer look at the Armored Rollerback, Graceful Sunwing, and Acid-Spitting Slitherfang, plus several more. . Some serve as keepers of the natural order, while others are built only to kill. Worse yet, the power to control them has fallen into the wrong hands …

A blurb is one thing, but to see it all in action you need a trailer. Fortunately, Guerrilla is happy to provide.


Horizon Forbidden West launches on PS5 and PS4 on February 18, 2022. If you are thinking of getting the PS4 version, rest assured, it still looks great.

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