Living craftsmanship! The Ballarat Show Returns in 2022 and Features Crafts, Supplies, Machinery and More | The mail

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Amid the pandemic last year, Karen McGregor quit her job to turn her 20-year-old craft hobby into a career – and she’s never looked back. “The other job got more stressful and I was like, ‘you know what, this could be better’…and I always, always loved teaching,” she said. Ms McGregor is the featured artist of the Craft Alive show for 2022 and will teach classes spanning textile art from card making to yarn painting during the event. “The thing about crafting is that it’s not about ego, it’s so passionate that everyone wants to share,” she said. “It doesn’t matter who it is…we’ll have these big talks about stuff because everybody wants to talk about crafting with everybody because that’s what they love and their ideas.” Textile artist classes are just one of the many options that show attendees can choose from, with an assortment of crafts available to practice and learn under the guidance of experienced makers. Craft supplies and products will also be available for shopping, with some machine makers holding stalls available for people to try out different craft devices. Event manager Sally Taylor said it was great to be back in 2022 and after the pandemic-induced craft boom she looked forward to more traffic coming through the door. “We are seeing a whole new influx of crafters into the community, the main reason I know that is that we get a lot of questions to our email address and also through a little chat box on our website. and we’re just inundated every minute someone else goes online,” she said. “It’s absolutely brilliant to see so much enthusiasm, obviously the designers and teachers involved in the event put a huge amount of preparation into every class.” For Ms McGregor, who taught at Craft Alive last year, a big part of the return is the social aspect of crafting, sharing ideas and learning techniques from fellow creatives. “I find it really helpful with the show that I bond and network with other store owners and learn tricks of the trade. You know, how to market things, how to come up with selling things, how to find things online, and what things are called,” she said. “They call it the Craft Alive family — but that’s really it, you can just go to any who and have a good chat.” The event started Friday and will run through Sunday at two locations, Civic Hall and Mining Exchange, with a free shuttle running between the two. If you see this message, you are a subscriber digital true to the Courier as we have made this story available to subscribers only. Thank you so much for your support and allowing us to continue to tell the story of Ballarat. We appreciate your support of journalism in our great city.