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Courtesy of the City of Orem

Karen McCandless, Director of Community Actions and Food Bank Services, receives Giving Machine donations from Mayor Dave Young and Karl Cheney, Global Giving Machine Project Manager, Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints keeps its annual pledge to distribute donations made through the Christmas Giving Machines program.

On Tuesday, Karl Cheney, head of Light the World Giving Machine projects worldwide, presented three local nonprofits with their gifts at the Orem town council meeting.

The Giving Machines were located at University Place in Orem. Woodbury Corporation provided the space and technology for the machines for free while the church provided the technology and credit card transaction fees for free, according to Mark Seastrand, Utah County communications director for the church. .

“About 75,000 local people participated in the donation process,” Seastrand said. “It’s a program that touches both the giver and the receiver.

Tabitha’s Way and 5 for the Fight have already received their donations. On Tuesday, Habitat for Humanity, Community Action Services and Food Bank and United Way of Utah County joined them for a special council presentation.

Courtesy of the City of Orem

Alan Hill of Habitat for Humanity poses with Orem Mayor Dave Young and Karl Cheney, Worldwide Project Manager for the Giving Machine, as he receives donations from Giving Machine on Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

“I was overwhelmed last night to learn of the money our residents and others have donated to these well-deserving non-profit organizations in our community. These organizations are on the front line when it comes to serving certain of our most vulnerable populations. We look forward to continuing to support their efforts in the future,” said Orem Mayor Dave Young.

During the 2021 Christmas season, some 300,000 people across the United States visited a Light the World Giving Machine, donating a combined $5.8 million. The holiday initiative is now in its fifth year.

The red vending machines, stationed in 10 towns across the country, allowed a person to purchase items (such as clothing, meals, drinking water and livestock) which would then be distributed to people in need by various charities. Some popular items purchased in 2021 were:

  • Essential clothing for nearly 20,000 children.
  • A polio vaccine for 837,000 children.
  • Chickens for more than 80,000 families (these animals provide long-term food and income).
  • Over 10,000 menstrual care kits to keep girls in school.
  • More than 1.7 million meals and 14,000 boxes of fresh produce to feed the hungry.

A reception was held in New York on Wednesday to celebrate donations with the five global organizations: Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE USA), Church World Service (CWS Global), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) , United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and WaterAid.

Lacey Stone from the United States for UNHCR said the goods purchased would be a boon for many of the more than 82 million refugees worldwide. The organization, which has worked with the church since 1991, uses its Giving Machine donations for basic relief items such as blankets, solar lanterns, tents and shelters to help those enduring winter in Afghanistan. .

Courtesy of the City of Orem

Bill Hulterstrom, President and CEO of United Way of Utah County, receives Giving Machine donations from Mayor Dave Young and Karl Cheney, Giving Machine Global Project Manager, Wednesday, March 9, 2022.

“These efforts are absolutely making a difference for the tens of thousands of children, women and men who have been forced to flee,” said Stone, who is the director of private sector engagement and partnerships at its organization. “For them, it makes all the difference in the world.”

The donations will also provide essential aid to children hit hard by the pandemic by providing education, routine vaccinations and healthy meals.

Rachel Steinberg, UNICEF’s Executive Director for Global Cause Partnerships, said the aid for children is an “incredible representation” of the partnership between Latter-day Saint Charities and UNICEF. Indeed, the Giving Machines allow people to “give back to children around the world.” And that’s at the heart of our partnership’s mission: to come together and have impact and wider reach for children around the world, especially children in the most vulnerable and challenging places.

Steinberg said it’s inspiring “to see that even when people (in the United States) go through some of their darkest times over the past two years, that they take a moment and come out of this experience and they choose to give something back to someone else that they have never met anywhere else in the world.

Robert Hokanson, the church’s senior director for global humanitarian priorities, said faith partnerships with these organizations are vital bonds in alleviating suffering. He also said usage of Giving Machines, which have raised $15 million since their inception in 2017, will likely continue to grow.

“People are looking for things they can contribute to and be a part of,” Hokanson said. “That feeling is all over the world.”

Giving Machines is part of the annual Light the World Christmas initiative sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ. The initiative encourages people to follow the example of the Savior of the world in serving others. The church covers administrative and operational costs (including those for credit card transactions), allowing participating organizations to receive 100% of every penny donated.

Orem — Local charities

5 for the fight

Cancer research: 3,059 donations for $15,295

Total Aloha Medical: 3,059 donations for $15,295

Community action services and food bank

100 meals: 1,772 donations for $88,600

300 meals: 341 donations for $51,150

Complete holiday meal for a family: 969 donations for $29,070

Basic pantry for a senior: 1,365 donations for $20,475

Take-out meal for a child: 5,464 donations for $27,320

Total community action services: 9,911 donations for $216,615

Utah County Habitat for Humanity

Accessibility changes: 100 donations for $15,000

Carpenter’s box: 391 donations for $19,550

Kitchen island: 59 donations for $3,540

Luminaire: 240 donations for $4,320

Roof repairs: 177 donations for $13,275

Habitat for Humanity total: 967 donations for $55,685

Tabitha’s path

Backpack and school supplies: 4,772 donations for $19,088

Feeding a veteran for six months: 752 donations for $75,200

A month of fresh produce: 1,715 donations for $42,875

A month of meat and dairy products: 570 donations for $28,500

Personal care items: 994 donations for $14,910

Total Tabitha’s Way: 8,803 donations for $180,573

United Way of Utah County

Art supplies kit: 2,659 donations for $26,590

Educational toy: 768 donations for $19,200

New baby kit: 1,671 donations for $50,130

A visit to the doctor: 507 donations for $22,815

Suicide prevention training: 342 donations for $25,650

Total United Way: 5,947 donations for $144,385

Local total: 28,687 donations for $612,553

Global charities

Church World Service (CWS Global)

One acre of sweet potatoes: 418 donations for $58,520

A beehive: 1,131 donations for $67,860

A goat: 2,122 donations for $182,492

Three chickens: 7,145 donations for $128,610

Total Orem CWS: 10,816 donations for $437,482


Emergency toiletry kit: 103 donations for $28,428

Five menstrual care kits: 1,641 donations for $57,435

Polio vaccines for 100 children: 3,683 donations for $81,026

Portable vaccine carrier: 1,108 donations for $14,404

Protecting a healthcare worker: 119 donations for $7,378

Total Orem UNICEF: 6,654 donations for $188,671

World total: 17,470 donations for $626,153


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