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Investment in innovation drives technological development

Members of the Defense Innovation Hub team will engage with key stakeholders at this month’s Indo Pacific Maritime Expo in Sydney.

LEGEND: An aerial image produced using Sentient Vision System’s Visual Detection and Ranging (ViDAR) optical radar technology.

The international event brings together military, academic and industry delegates for demonstrations and discussions on the future of maritime development.

The hub team will celebrate the success of partners such as Sentient Vision Systems, which received the Indo Pacific 2022 SME Innovation Award.

Sentient Vision Systems won the award for its ViDAR (Visual Detection and Ranging) optical radar pod, which can assist maritime search and surveillance operations from helicopters. Sentient has been working with the Defense Innovation Hub to advance its ViDAR optical radar technology since 2018 and recently won a $1.74 million contract to further enhance the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of its technology.

Andrew Hodgkinson, assistant secretary for defense capability and innovation, said the Defense Innovation Center’s investments in companies such as Sentient Vision Systems are spurring the development of cutting-edge technologies to enhance future defense capabilities. the ADF.

“Since the Defense Innovation Hub began operations in 2016, many of the technologies developed under its banner have resulted in contract with a Defense Acquisition Program, have been employed in Defense training exercises, or are in final stages of testing and evaluation,” Hodgkinson said. .

“Innovation is essential for Defense to meet the challenges of the changing strategic environment, and potential acquisition routes are considered an integral part of the evaluation process for each Defense Innovation Hub proposal.”

Another maritime partner, EM Solutions, has secured export orders from a number of NATO nation navies in 2021 to supply its new primary satellite communications terminals, which have been developed in partnership with the Defense Innovation Hub and the Royal Australian Navy.

EM Solutions has just launched a limited tender for the development of the SEA1442 Phase 5 Primary and Alternative satellite communication system, which will be delivered for the main fleet of RAN vessels.

Defense Innovation Hub contracts have supported over 2,000 jobs across Australia, and over 80% of hub contracts have been awarded to innovative Australian small and medium-sized businesses.

All Defense Innovation Hub projects are sponsored by a Defense Capability Manager. The Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group and the Defense Science and Technology Group contribute to the review of proposals submitted to the centre.

The Defense Innovation Hub is open year-round for the submission of new proposals. Three new defense capability priority areas for hub investments were announced on March 31.






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