IFB Home Appliances Partners with Xeros Tech; launches new washing machines for institutional buyers

Homegrown IFB Home Appliances announced on Tuesday that it has teamed up with British company Xeros Technologies to offer a new range of energy and water efficient washing machines targeting commercial and institutional buyers.

As part of this, the Kolkata-based company will introduce Xeros-enabled washing machines that could save up to 70% energy, 50% water and 50% detergent consumption, according to a joint statement.

“The projected sales volume of this new product category is 200 Nos per year. IFB and Xeros expect a 50% increase in this category of 30kg and 60kg washer-extractors with the addition of this innovative product line,” he said.

It also expects a good response from four and five star hotels, railway laundries, premium category hospital chains, premium laundries, special applications in the industrial segment like the automotive industry, fire brigade / NDRF who use a special kind of uniforms.

”Our latest offering is the result of our commitment to sustainability and is aligned with our vision of enabling a healthy planet using cutting-edge technology. This not only gives a better return on investment to our customers but also engages them in our efforts towards a more sustainable planet,” the IFB spokesperson said.

Xeros Technologies General Manager (Commercial Products), Mike Ferrand, said: “Laundry of clothes puts an immense strain on the environment and very few people are aware of it. It is our sincere effort towards a sustainable future to avoid the breaking point. It is imperative that we strive to provide solutions that consume less and save more.” IFB Industries Ltd was incorporated in September 1974 as Indian Fine Blanks Ltd in conjunction with Heinrich Schmid AG of Switzerland. In 1989, it entered into a collaboration with Bosch-Siemens Hausgerate GmbH Germany for the production of fully automatic washing machines and for the manufacture of household appliances. The company changed its name from Indian Fine Blank Ltd to IFB Industries Ltd in July 1989.

In 2020-2021, IFB Industries achieved revenue of Rs 2,716.52 crore.

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