Hong Kong company turns old washing machines into bricks

A Hong Kong start-up has partnered with Sino Group, the developer, to recycle plastic waste into sustainable building materials.

EcoBricks founder Shervin Sharghy told RTHK’s Hong Kong Today program that the company recycles plastic into high-quality materials that meet or exceed local and international standards. He described a project on the Gold Coast where 560 old washing machines were used to create more than 15,000 “eco paving bricks”.

“Our breakthrough solution was actually able to recycle all seven types of plastic, which means we can take mixed plastics and also composite plastics that are currently impossible to recycle and would otherwise go to landfill,” said Mr. Sharghy. “We turn them into high-quality building materials.”

He added: ‘We tested them at several test sites and our first was our inaugural project in Gold Coast where we recycled old washing machines.

This project involved recycling 5.4 tonnes of plastic waste at one time, he said, adding that visitors to the site – and others in Olympian City and the Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel – can “walk on our bricks and will not be able to tell the difference between ours and conventional bricks.”

Mr Sharghy said EcoBricks was looking to expand out of Hong Kong to “all countries that have plastic waste issues”.