From innovation to invention: IIT Kanpur files 107 patents in 2021

Patents relate to inventions in a range of new era technologies from MedTech to nanotechnology

IIT Kanpur filed 107 patent applications in calendar year 2021, making it the highest number of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) applications ever filed by the institute, beating its previous record of 76 patents filed in 2019. This achievement was achieved despite the catastrophic impact of the second wave of Covid-19. Among the 107 IPRs filed are applications for 62 patents, 15 design registrations, two copyright and 24 trademark applications as well as four US patent applications.

Abhay Karandikar, Director, IIT Kanpur said, “I am happy to share that IIT Kanpur has not only passed a century in terms of filing patents in 2021, but also achieved a gross total of 810 IPRs over a period of time. With a technology transfer rate of 15.2% to industrial partners out of the total number of patents filed, the institute filed a record 107 patents this calendar year. »
The patents included inventions related to a wide range of new era technologies, from MedTech to nanotechnology. Considering the institute’s contribution to national novel coronavirus pandemic mitigation efforts, several Covid-19 related measures and inventions were protected by patent applications during the calendar year.

Among these, two of the main inventions developed at IIT Kanpur are the reusable face mask made of PVDF composite nanofibers and nasal spray formulation against Covid and related respiratory viruses. Additionally, the institute has come out with other inventions like industrial wastewater treatment methods and biodegradable magnesium-based alloys for orthopedic healthcare applications, to name a few.

The major milestone of filing 107 PGDs at IIT Kanpur was achieved due to the presence of a supportive policy framework and synergistic teamwork at the PGD cell of the institute. IIT Kanpur’s marketing activities saw a double increase in revenue from IP licensing. The institute tackled the country’s oxygen crisis during the second wave of Covid by developing and commercializing two types of oxygen concentrators by transferring said technology to six different companies. Oxygen concentrator technology transfer was part of the Mission Bharat Oxygen project in which thousands of oxygen concentrators were manufactured, ranging in capacity from 10 LPM to 500 LPM. Another important technology transfer is the recently launched “Bhu-Parikshak” – a soil analysis device that has the potential to detect soil health in 90 seconds.

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