Franklin man charged with stealing slot machines from laundromat and taking police car keys

Jan. 21 – WARREN COUNTY – A Franklin man faces robbery and escape charges after he allegedly broke into laundromat slot machines and ran with the keys to the cruiser when he was arrested .

Bruce William Franklin Burns, 41, was indicted by a Warren County grand jury on Tuesday for tampering with slot machines and petty theft, both misdemeanors, and evasion and obstructing official business, both fifth-degree felonies.

Burns is charged with breaking into slot machines Oct. 30 at the Laynecraft Laundromat on Millard Drive, prosecutors say. On December 16, after being arrested as a suspect in the robbery case, Burns “attempted to break out of police custody by running while handcuffed and attempted to steal police property”, according to the indictment.

Warren County District Attorney David Fornshell says Burns was able to free himself from officers after being picked up from a nearby county, was taken to hospital after complaining of chest pains and later obtained the key from the cruiser on this trip to the hospital.

“Franklin police are going to pick him up in Montgomery County. He’s handcuffed and as he gets out of the car at the police station he runs off, they grab him and when they grab him he’s complaining that he’s got chest pains and trouble breathing,” Fornshell said. “Then he (gets transported) to Atrium and somehow he’s able to get the keys to the police car.”

The cruiser was not stolen, if that was Burns’ plan, according to the prosecutor.

Burns was arraigned in Warren County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday. He remains housed in the Warren County Jail.