Creating Expectations: Fannie Launches Human Invention, Feb. 19 at Centennial Theater

By Geoff Agonbar – Local Journalism Initiative

“Creating expectations and breaking expectations is what makes me feel good. Little surprises,” says Fannie. She describes the experience of writing and arranging her debut album.

But reversed, the line could have been a refrain throughout his story of his creation. Shattered expectations by repeatedly creating new ones, opening up surprising insights within and beyond.

Fannie Gaudette is well known in Lennoxville and Sherbrooke. Pianist, accompanist, musical director and choirmaster. Locals may have heard her sing in support of students or fellow faculty at Bishop’s, but certainly never heard her take a solo.

Fannie, singer-songwriter, composer-arranger and performer is a revelation. A creative force of startling novelty and familiarity, and a confident voice ready to claim space in Quebec and beyond under a single nickname, like Neko, Joni or Jorane.

Unique creations inspire strange hybrid descriptions. Tori Amos’ swings from percussive piano lines to lyrical piano lines, except with the soft, whispering range of Patrick Watson, except with those driving, slapping percussive lines of Arcade Fire, except with those breathtakingly poetic strikes as in Joni Mitchell’s lyrics, except wrapped in a rich, textured blanket of chamber strings.

In short, Fannie sounds like Fannie.
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