Campbell speed machines featured in new line of t-shirts

Here is the same image but on one of the new T-shirts

The family of speed record holders Malcolm and Donald Campbell have teamed up with UK’s RetroClassic Clothing to launch a series of T-shirts celebrating Campbell’s record breaking history on land and water.

Featuring photographs from the Campbell Family Heritage Trust, the shirts feature the aero-engined Sunbeam on the Pendine Sands, the 1935 Campbell-Railton Blue Bird at Bonneville, the Bluebird K7 seaplane and the Bluebird CN7 which topped 400 mph.

“Sir Malcolm and Donald were both extremely brave and talented men,” said Don Wales, Malcolm’s grandson and holder of several speed records in his own right. “Whether it was on water or on land, jet or wheeled, the name Campbell has become synonymous with record-breaking.

“Our family is very proud to work with RetroClassic on this beautifully produced range of T-shirts, which are a fitting tribute to a time when two patriotic Britons pushed themselves to the limit – and sometimes beyond – in the single- speed conscious.

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The shirts are offered in Heather Grey, Sand or White, and join a line of RetroClassic apparel that celebrates iconic airplanes, classic hot rods, motorcycles and other evocative machinery from decades past.