By the numbers. of Ohio Business Machines | Breaking down Etienne’s hot start to 2022

After three starts in 2022, Etienne already has two goals – more than last year – and is on track to achieve the best attacking season of his career.

Yes, three games offer a pretty small sample, but it’s enough time to see how Etienne changed his game – and how the Haitian winger was the unsung attacking hero of the crew.

“I just wanted to be more dangerous,” Etienne said of his game entering 2022. “I saw a lot of things, I had to hear all the things about how we don’t create chances and all that, and I took it personally. To get a goal by playing all those minutes [in 2021]I think it’s not good enough so I had to show, I didn’t really want to prove to you because I know the type of player I was, but just to prove to myself that I can be a contributing guy.

“I think I did well in getting assists last year, but I had to add more goals. And I was lucky enough to be able to come here and score more goals, so hopefully that this will continue and that we can continue.

In 2021, Etienne finished with one goal and five assists, but his play showed he was a fast winger with soft feet and great confidence. It’s a deadly combination for a winger, especially one who is eager to take on defenders and dribble around them often. But his touch is unteachable – something he proved in the season opener by stroking a Yaw Yeboah cross and guiding the ball into the net.