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BELLAIRE – Paying bills should be a little easier for Bellaire residents, but when paying online with a credit card there will be an additional charge.

Councilor Elizabeth Dugmore inquired about an information technology person formerly employed by the village and asked if that person was still available. She said she was told he was a “as required” entrepreneur when Councilor Mike Doyle said someone would be needed as new credit card machines had arrived and new accounts had been opened.

Doyle said he would contact the IT specialist to work with United Bank to set up the new credit card machines.

“And we will phase out the others,” he said, adding that every account within the village is different like income tax and mayor’s offices “do very little business there.”

“The main thing is with the water service”, Doyle said. “So they get the big percentage discount, so if you have three different structures (with) water being the most chosen, they’ll get the biggest discount,” Doyle talked about those fees.

Treasurer Tom Sable later said the fee would be around 3.5% and would be passed on to the client.

Doyle then asked if these machines could be installed with the mayor’s office to allow those fined by the mayor’s court to have another payment option.

“I think the mayor’s office can collect the fines and pass them through the credit card system,” said Treasurer Tom Sable. “It’s another form of payment.”

He explained that the bank structured the percentages based on the fact that the mayor’s court was less than $10,000 in collections per year, income tax being $21,000.

“That’s how United have structured the percentages,” Sand said.

The Board also discussed how customers would be notified of additional charges, believing they would be reflected on their receipts. Sand said, “By law, he has to go out on their receipt.”

“We should have it on our website, on our paid site, and it will have to be adjusted there,” he said, referring to the extra amount charged to pay a bill online. “At the moment we don’t charge any percentage as we don’t have separate lines for this so we absorb all the costs.”

He said the highest costs came from the water utility and estimated that at $800 per month.

“Okay, well, we want those costs covered,” said Dugmore. “But we also want people to be informed as soon as possible.”

Sable said they should have more information by the next meeting, which is scheduled for 6 p.m. Jan. 20 at the municipal building.

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