Aviron’s interactive rowers gamify your training

We have all felt it. When the reservoirs of motivation run out, working out feels like a chore. Rep after boring rep. Repetitive stride after stride. No matter how hard we try to lift our spirits — with new gym clothes, new supplements, and new routines — sometimes you just want to quit working out for more fun activities like, say, your favorite video games.

Well, fitness brand Aviron might have a cheat code that lets you put the fun back into your daily workout routine. With a range of attractive rowers, you can gamify your regimen for a new twist on training. Games and aptitude? We had to search deeper.

Aviron offers attractive workouts for everyone


One of the ways Rowing motivates you to train is through its wide variety of training styles. Boasting a growing library of 14 arcade-style video games, you can race through your routines as you blast bugs, smash bricks, outrun zombies and more.

And when there are games, there has to be a high score, right? Rowing offers, allowing you to compete virtually with friends and community members while racking up points to conquer the leaderboard. Do you feel fit? Test yourself on Rowing’s “Pros vs. Joes” platform, where you can compete against professional athletes and Olympians.

But maybe you’re not the type to gamble. Maybe you’d rather catch up on your favorite Netflix series or rewatch your favorite sitcom for the 12th time. Rowing always has a platform for you. An industry first, Aviron rowers have integrated streaming entertainment platforms such as the aforementioned Netflix, Disney+, Hulu and YouTube. Track your stats while watching your favorite movies, shows and more – the perfect way to catch up on your watchlist.

Finally, some days you just want a simple workout. Rowing offers programs coached by Austin Hendrickson of Training Tall, giving you a great mix of rowing, strength training, stretching and more. For more intense – and more varied – work out, you can browse Rowing’s hundreds of guided programs – both gamified and traditional – which can also take you off the machine for a full body workout. And if you just want to take in the sights, choose Aviron’s “Virtual Rowing” platform, which gives you digital access to the world’s most scenic waterways.

These rowers aim to put the “fun” into functionality

All the fun aside, these rowers are, after all, designed for fitness. The magnetic and air resistance provided calls for a stimulating full-body effort, helping you get the most out of your workout. The low-impact nature of rowing can also be changed on the fly to suit your needs, thanks to Rowing’s patented self-resistance change that adapts to your workout pace. And if you want really Push yourself, Rowing offers a better extra resistance option for pulling up to 100 pounds with 16 levels.

When it comes to workout programs, Aviron designs its content with an emphasis on high-intensity interval training (HIIT), meaning short workouts that pack a punch. You will not row your entire evenings; these routines are designed to get in, have fun, get pumped and get out.

Where to Buy a Rowing Machine Aviron

rowing machine impact rowing series


rower rowing


Aviron offers two models on its site, aimed at all audiences. The Impact Series Rower is a lightweight machine with a weight limit of 397 pounds. The Impact Series can be ideal for people with limited space, as Aviron’s patented folding technology also adds convenient storage capabilities.

For those who want a sturdier build, Rowing’s Tough Series rower raises the weight limit to 507 pounds, but the more secure construction trades heaviness for storage capacity.

Both rowers feature a 22-inch HD touchscreen as well as a two-year warranty. Swap your gaming paddles for fitness-focused paddles and find a new way to enjoy your workout today.


Impact Series Rower




Tough Series Rower



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