Atlanta airport to install new security x-ray machines

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – There are thousands of travelers passing through the world’s busiest airport every day, and going through security will soon be a smoother process.

“It can be crazy, especially for people who don’t travel often and don’t know everything they should know,” said traveler Danielle Lucas.

Airport officials announced on Monday that they will install new CT scanners at the main checkpoint later this year to improve security measures.

“Good security is good security. It’s a compromise, but it will come at a cost,” said traveler Laura Little.

The CT technology will allow screeners to easily detect explosives and allow travelers to keep their authorized liquids and laptops inside their bags during screening.

“It’s an X-ray CT system that generates a 3D image and really improves security efficiency and also provides great efficiency for the passenger,” said TSA’s Director of Federal Security. Georgia, Robert Spinden.

State-of-the-art equipment is currently in use at South Checkpoint for TSA pre-screening travelers. It generates higher quality images for security guards.

“What I would say to passengers is that during the construction project, they should plan ahead and maybe get to the airport a bit earlier than they normally would,” Spinden said.

Installation is expected to begin in October and take approximately two years. The work will be carried out in phases, with airport officials closing four lanes at the main checkpoint at once. Spinden said if you arrive two hours before your flight you should have no problem.

“Well, of course, it’s worrying because sometimes you’re a little late for the plane and you know that taking extra time will somehow be an inconvenience,” said traveler Vadim Golod.