Assam-based BitChem Asphalt Technologies Limited announces patent for its green invention “Tailor Made Cold binder”

Assam-based BitChem Asphalt Technologies Limited has announced that it has been granted a patent for its green invention “Tailor Made Cold binder” by the Government of India’s Patent Office for a period of 20 years,

BitChem Asphalt Technologies Limited operates in the Coldmix technology industry. The patent comes into force on June 30, 2017 in accordance with the provisions of the Patents Act, 1970 see patent no. – 376242.

Rajeev Agarwal, Founder and CEO – BitChem said, “BitChem is continuously educating the road industry on the benefits of using its bespoke products. We are grateful to the Patent Office for understanding our innovation and granting us the patent. This will help us convince various state highway departments to use genuine patented products for sustainable roads.

He said the issuance of a patent will be a major breakthrough in ensuring the generic use of ColdMix is ​​strictly regulated for use in construction under various PMGSY and PWD roads to support the creation of a pollution-free environment in which our future generations can live.

He added: “Cold Mix road construction technology is environmentally friendly, emits zero carbon emissions and is 2-3 times faster than conventional technology as it allows working in all weather conditions. , including rain. Since 2008, using its premium high performance regular emulsion and BitChem Coldmix®, BitChem has completed over 8500 km of roads under PMGSY and PWD across India to shape a greener future by building a pollution-free nation through its Green Roads mission. .”