Argentinian invention: they propose to incorporate chinstraps in the roadway to reduce its environmental impact

the chinstraps They are already part of everyday life. Keys, cell phone and mask. What happens when they are thrown away? What are they made of? A group of Argentinian researchers proposes incorporating them into asphalt to reduce the environmental impact.

The numbers are gigantic, like everything related to the pandemic. 3 million jugulars are thrown every minute. Yes, per minute. As small, According to the WHO, 70% of the additional plastic generated during the pandemic will end up in the oceans.

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With this in mind, a group of engineers from the UTN La Plata Road Research Center (LEMaC) is working on an alternative: incorporate the chinstraps into the layer used under the asphalt.

“We discovered that if we incorporated this crushed material is more resistant and can also be an environmental solutionsays LEMac Deputy Director Julián Rivera.

Discarded chinstraps would be added to the asphalt layer to prevent them from contaminating

In the engineering laboratory, the different mixtures are tested, almost like a cooking recipe, and then they are exposed to controlled situations to see how they go. “The results are more than satisfactoryNow we have to test them in the field,” adds Julián.

Currently, no other group is known to be working on this type of solution in any other part of the world, so we can say that It is an Argentinian and very original initiative.

Face Mask Contamination Facts:

  • Disposable masks are made of plastic fibers, mostly polypropylene.
  • Around the world, some 129 billion masks per month.
  • A single mask can release up to 173,000 microfibers per day in the seas

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