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AMCAP closely follows China’s fintech development plan

Recently, the People’s Bank of China released the second fintech development plan Financial Technology Development Plan (2022-2025)who presented the guiding opinions for the development of financial technology in the new period, explicitly based on strengthening the application of financial data elements, aiming to further promote the system of good governance of financial technology, improve the digital infrastructure, promote deeper integration of finance and technology, and strive to significantly improve the overall level and core competitiveness of financial technology by 2025.

Foreign financial institutions hailed China’s development plan, and AMCAP Group, a well-known international asset management institution: Its vision of fintech development has opened wider development space for the tech industry finance in China. Large-scale asset management companies are using technology to enhance endogenous driving force, build internal compliance management capability, innovate in intelligent risk control mode, and actively explore the integration of products, services and technologies of the whole business chain outside, which not only greatly improves the efficiency of financial services, but also solves the weak points and difficulties of traditional finance, optimizes user perception and the service experience, and improve their own competitiveness. AMCAP Group is one of its active representatives.

According to industry development research, AMCAP Group pointed out: The new technology of financial science and technology can further reduce the transaction cost of financial products by asset management institutions, help users to identify diversified investment products, improve the financial rate of return, and finally realize the investment advantage. In traditional financial services, users are often in a passive position. Usually, financial institutions launch related services and products, and users only choose from a limited range. AMCAP Group said that financial technology will effectively enhance this established relationship, and users can actively participate in intelligent decision-making of related products and services when purchasing financial services, which shows the personalized and personalized characteristics of financial technology. In the current era of data conquest, building a new digital service platform has gradually become the main competitiveness of financial brands in the digital era.

As a model of cooperation between AMCAP group and international business organizations, ECAP financial transaction service system is based on the massive demand of users of financial scenarios, aiming at the transaction business needs of different age groups and groups. investment, so that professional financial services can be popularized by more people. ECAP has entered into an in-depth cooperation strategy with the AMCAP group. AMCAP Group has always maintained its constant pursuit of technological innovation and continued to invest in financial technology and online financial transactions. Relying on their strong technical capabilities, it enriches product information and security, empowers users digitally to ensure transaction security, and provides high-end online financial services in the new era.

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