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AGC: Ammonia combustion technology development project, including AGC selected as NEDO commissioned project

One of the challenges to achieve Japan’s goal of “Net Zero Carbon by 2050” is to reduce CO emissions.2 emissions in manufacturing processes in the materials industry. At present, fossil fuels such as natural gas and heavy oil are used in the process of smelting raw materials for glass production, so there is an urgent need to develop combustion methods using low impact fuels environmental.

This project focuses on ammonia, which does not produce CO2 when burned, it is already widely distributed as fertilizer and industrial feedstock, and has the same storage and transport capacity as propane. An ammonia-oxygen combustion burner will be installed at the architectural glass production facility of AGC Yokohama Technical Center to conduct demonstration tests of ammonia combustion technology. In addition to evaluating the effects of ammonia combustion on the glass and materials that make up the melting furnace, AGC and its partners will develop a burner that can meet environmental standards and aim to deploy it on a large scale in furnaces. glass melting. Going forward, the project will consider expanding applications beyond glass to other material manufacturing processes, such as steel and aluminum.

The AGC Group has identified the promotion of sustainable management as one of the priority issues of its AGC plus-2023 medium-term management plan and has set a goal of net zero GHG emissions from its business operations by 2050. To date, AGC has implemented various measures to reduce GHG emissions from the manufacturing process of glass, including the introduction of an oxygen combustion system with high melting efficiency, fuel conversion from heavy oil to natural gas, and the introduction of electric blowers for melting. AGC will continue to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable global environment through the provision of products and technologies that contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions, energy conservation and energy creation.


■NEDO project overview

Last name:

Development of combustible ammonia utilization and production technology / Development of combustible ammonia combustion technology in industrial furnaces

Project overview:

Contribute to the decarbonization of the industrial sector by developing ammonia combustion technology in industrial furnaces, where the technology for using combustible ammonia is not yet established

Parties planned to implement:

AGC Inc.
Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Tohoku University

Project period:

FY2021 to FY2025 (5 years)

■AGC initiatives to date
AGC undertakes the following initiatives to reduce GHG emissions from the glass melting process.


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