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Advexure and SBD’s UAS Center Partner for Drone Technology Development and Training

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif., January 26, 2022 /24-7 PressRelease/ — Through this partnership, Advexure will be a drone distribution partner of SBD’s UAS Center and the two parties will collaborate on innovative workforce development initiatives drone-related work throughout Southern California. Region.

As a leader in the distribution, integration and support of commercial drone systems and related products, Addexure is one of the largest distributors of commercial UAS systems in North America through an extensive portfolio of brands. Addexure’s team of subject matter experts offers its customers an ever-expanding range of choices to meet their specific needs. Advexure is known for its holistic customer experience and commitment to world-class service levels, offering customers the opportunity to learn about the latest UAS technologies and participate in immersive product demonstrations. Advexure will host on-site UAS technology demonstration events at SBD’s UAS Center for companies represented by Advexure. SBD’s UAS Center will also serve as a test and development site for manufacturing partners and new entrants to the UAS ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with SBD’s UAS Center and look forward to the unique opportunities that Addexure and the UAS Center can bring to the Inland Valley. This complementary partnership leverages the strength of our subject matter experts with world-class infrastructure to enable the greater Southern California region to fully realize the unprecedented opportunities that UAS provides for public safety, universities, to governments and commercial enterprises,” said Travis Waibel, Addexure CEO and Founder.

“The UAS Center located on SBD’s site at San Bernardino International Airport – the fastest growing airport for air cargo in the United States – is quite unique. Only a handful of airports in the United States have FAA authorization to fly drones there. We are proud to provide Advexure, its suppliers and customers with the added value of a conveniently located location in Southern California to conduct and experience product demonstrations and flight testing,” said Kimberly Benson, administrator of the UAS center of SBD.

About Adpexure ( Founded in 2012, Advexure Unmanned Systems is one of North America’s largest resellers, distributors and training providers for unmanned drone systems and UAS technology solutions. Addexure specializes in drone fleet solutions for government, public safety, utilities, inspection, film & cinema as well as other enterprise verticals. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Learn more about Advexure at and on social media @advexure.

About SBD’s UAS Center (, @UASCenterSBD): Established as an enterprise fund under the Inland Valley Development Agency in San Bernardino, Calif., SBD’s UAS Center serves as a test and demonstration site for technology companies. drones as well as for government and academic researchers. The Center offers pilot training to public sector agencies as well as advice on standardizing and integrating drone technology into their operations. The Center also cooperates with public and private sector entities on workforce development.

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