A robotic goat named Bex: the new invention of a motorcycle manufacturer

the robots quadrupeds could become a standard. Following the deployment and popularity of the Boston Dynamics mechanical dog Spot (and many followers of it), a robotic goat call bex.

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It is an evolution of the motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki which this time presents a new means of transport in its catalog.

Bex the goat: what is this robot for?

the bex robot It was presented at the Tokyo International Exhibition. As seen in the video, he has four legs and is inspired by a goat. Strictly speaking, the manufacturer observed the wild goat from the Alpsalso known as ibex.

As indicated Engadget, ingenuity is the result of a Kawasaki program from which various bipedal robots have emerged since 2015. Over the years and developments, the company’s engineers decided to create a robot that can move with agility on various terrainsboth flat and unstable.

One of Bex’s secrets for advancing on the different floors is the presence of wheels on his knees, a component that allows him to go fast on smooth surfaces and exceed his traditional walk. whatever, the robot was designed to transport goods and support up to 100 kilograms of weight. According to the source, it can carry building materials and even a person can ride on it.

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Additionally, as with other robotic devices, it is a secure solution for surveying remote and/or dangerous sites. In this sense, it resembles the aforementioned Boston Dynamics Spot, a paradigm of four-legged robots that we have already seen dealing with multiple tasks and which is even used by a company in this region of the world, more precisely in neighboring Uruguay.

5 facts about the Bex robot

  • It supports up to 100 kilograms of weight: it can transport people, but it was created in particular to transport materials.
  • Its physiognomy is inspired by an alpine goat known as an ibex; hence its name.
  • It can navigate smooth and also irregular surfaces.
  • It has wheels on its knees to facilitate transit on smooth floors and increase its speed; his legs can bend.
  • The robot has also been designed to cope with inspections of dangerous or remote sites.


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